The Teraport GmbH software portfolio provides tools for digital product development in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering industries. Using “best in class” software helps Teraport to ensure quality products for its clients using virtual methods during the development. In this way we help to minimise the cost risk in the early stages where changes are still easy to implement. Teraport expertise is centred around specialist know-how in algorithms and calculations in complex 3D CAx geometry. In our 15 years on the market, we have grown to become absolute specialists in this field.

Products and Solutions

Depending on requirements, Teraport offers standardised products and customised solutions. Long-term cooperation with our customers has resulted in standard products developed to meet the needs of clients that satisfy perfectly the requirements of most users. At the same time there are specific applications that have unique features. Teraport covers these individual requirements related to properties such as results quality, degree of automation, computing speed, large amounts of data or a high level of integration by means of customised solutions. However, we do not constantly reinvent the wheel. The basis of all individual solutions is the DMU-Toolkit. This modular software construction kit makes it possible to map specific needs quickly and cost effectively.

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Technology and methodological competence

Teraport employees have acquired a wealth of technological and methodological expertise through years of working with the latest technologies in the area of IT and software development. Subject to availability we also offer our expertise as a service in software development projects. In this regard, the Teraport employee would be involved in tasks ranging from consulting, specification and design, through project management to implementation as a developer.

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