Teraports software development is specialized in solutions, wich minimize the cost risks in product development. Using a “best in class” software approach Teraport helps, assure quality standards of its customers products already during product development. Depending on the users needs this is done by standardized products or individual solutions.


We support our customers along the complete product life cycle. Our focus is on the different steps of digital product development. Wherever complex products are designed, assembled, optimized or serviced under the help of virtual technologies our highly qualified consultants add measurable values in our customers projects. 


Whatever we do, we demand highest standards from ourselves. Nothing sloppy, everything handcrafted. Nothing ready made, everything custom tailored. Thats how we guarantee a special satisfaction on our customers faces. Our key to succes? Our employees – the best. From selection to qualification and fitting working conditions. Cooperation in harmony starts with the people and is the core for our claim for excellence!