Custom-built software solutions

Individual solutions from Teraport are always deployed when there is no suitable system on the market or when the performance of the systems available does not offer sufficient stability or functional scope. We implement a customised solution based on a joint analysis of the specific requirements. The modular design of the Teraport DMU-Toolkit software kit helps us to achieve progress rapidly and effortlessly. The objective is smooth integration into existing systems and processes of the customer, as well as easy integration into existing CAD or PDM systems.

The features of individual solutions previously developed for customers are diverse. From processes in which only batch module automated calculations are performed and integrated into existing user interfaces, to individual work benches in our flexible 3D visualisation framework DMU.View.

We have made it our mission to fill in the empty spaces left on the systems map by large providers by offering appropriate, but also economic solutions.

Find out about the many modules of the DMU-Toolkit or get in touch with us! We are happy to inform you personally about the possibilities of our individual solutions.