Long-term cooperation with our customers has resulted in standard products developed to meet the needs of customers that satisfy the requirements of most users perfectly. The special concept: All products are based on the 3D-CAx algorithms pool of the DMU-Toolkit, as are our individual solutions. Thereby all users benefit from the breadth of new developments in the core modules. At the same time Teraport also designs its products so that individual extensions are cost effective to implement. Thus, concepts for easy implementation of customer-specific processes are provided, for example, in veoBASE (standard and individual Workbench plug-ins) or DMU.Connect (custom workflows).


veoBASE is a powerful 3D CAD viewer. As a standalone veoBASE allows users in different business areas such as design, development, manufacturing and sales & marketing to view and analyse CAD components and assemblies in different formats (CATIA, Creo, NX, JT, and more.). At the same time veoBASE workbenches (e.g. veoCAST) offer specific simulations in the context of virtual product development (e.g. assembly studies, component comparisons, etc.) as an extension.

veoCAST – Design for Manufacturing

With veoCAST the Design for Manufacturing Workbench, Teraport provides a tool for the construction-related check of production requirements. The goal is to uncover violations of the provisions of wall thickness, material accumulations or undercuts arising from different manufacturing processes, even before a detailed CAE analysis. The earlier problems are detected, the easier and cheaper they are to resolve.

veoFILL – Fill-Analysis for Liquids

When developing components and assemblies for applications such as pneumatics, hydraulics, lubrication, fuel supply and cooling, developers are faced with the question of what influence their design will have on the fluids or air ducts that will later be used in the field.

veoMOLD – Tool-cost-calculation

Transparency regarding costs is a vital succes factor in todays modern product development. With mido, the 3D-CAD feature-based “next generation tool cost calculation”, Teraport presents the quick and easy way to an exact tool price.


DMU.Connect is the intuitive user interface for controlling calculation workflow in digital product development. A high degree of automation avoids recurring interactive tasks. The valuable personnel resource is saved. Step by step, the user comfortably defines the various aspects of calculation tasks. Once defined, an automated, delayed or even recurrent calculation is possible.


ADV-Automated Design Verification stands for continuous geometric securing of virtual products. All modules are analysed for collisions, compliance function intervals and against infringement of the maximum allowed duplications of soft component parts. The results are managed, evaluated, communicated and archived in a results management system.