Still alive!

The combustion engine a model of the past? This was the central question at the 7th International Engine Congress in Baden Baden on 18th and 19th February, organised by ATZ and VDI. The answer to this question is given by the engine experts at least with an optimistic “not yet”. This is because in the medium-term transition to emission-free driving, the classic drive cannot yet be replaced, at least not fast enough. Many representatives pleaded for an investment in synthetic fuels. If the energy sources were produced in regions with the appropriate degree of efficiency for green power generation (wind, sun), it would be possible to achieve efficiencies similar to those of battery-powered vehicles, while CO2 neutral, with low emission and above all applicable to all vehicles on the road today. Cpomparting the discussions of this exciting environment, Teraport also presented its veoCAST software solution for securing the design process of CAD cast components. “We are extremely satisfied with the interesting dialogues we were able to conduct and the new contacts we made. The interest of the visitors in optimising the development process of cast constructions regardless of the drive technology was high. Especially in an environment full of challenges, good ideas and a fruitful exchange of ideas arise”, summarized Dr. Stefan Wittmann, project manager of veoCAST.