veoCAST continues to evolve with new features!

Teraport’s veoCAST software for a simple and fast validation of designs in casting and manufacturing technology gains a few more functions. The latest version optimises collaboration between different departments and data exchange with suppliers and customers. A single “veo” file now allows direct access to all detailed results including generated 3D analysis geometries. The implemented template management also allows users to define uniform specifications and filter settings for the analyses depending on the application area, ensuring comparability of the results for the different departments. “Our users develop standardised processes with the help of veoCAST, which are firmly anchored in the release procedures,” veoCAST product manager Stefan Wittmann is pleased to say. “Another feature that is very well received is the Customised Report. With this, the analysis reports can now also be tailored specifically to the requirements of the different areas of application. ” The new version 7.4. is now available for all veoCAST customers.