mido revolutionises tool cost calculation!

In June it was finally that time of year again. The Moulding Expo called to Stuttgart and the tool and mould makers came. For the first time “mido” was also present. In the constantly growing challenge of modern product development, cost transparency as early as possible is often the difference between failure and success. Looking at key technologies such as plastic injection moulding, die casting or sheet metal stamping, the costs for moulds and tools are the most important cost factor for the final price of the part. With mido, tool cost calculation becomes an easy task to master. The idea of a visually supported, rule-based tool and mould configuration in combination with the automatic detection of cost drivers on 3D CAD models was well received at the Moulding Expo. “We were really overwhelmed by the positive feedback at the fair,” summed up mido Product Manager Philipp Hübner. “We received a clear signal from tool and mould makers as well as OEMs that mido is a clear step ahead of everything the market has to offer so far. Such feedback naturally motivates us to further optimise the still young product and to develop it into the market leader”.

Let yourself be inspired by mido now! Request a test licence now at www.vxmido.com!