Revolutionary Tool Cost Calculation Software ‘mido’ Amazes Visitors at Formnext 2023

At the heart of the Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, Teraport captivated attendees with the presentation of ‘mido’, a groundbreaking tool cost calculation software. This next-generation solution is set to transform the manufacturing industry by providing unparalleled cost transparency and efficiency in mold design.

Mido, designed to meet the sophisticated needs of both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and leading tier-one suppliers, as well as toolmakers, stands out by its capability to directly derive cost drivers from 3D CAD models. It supports all major CAD formats, making it a universally compatible solution across the manufacturing spectrum.

The software’s innovation lies in its ability to rapidly generate a valid mold configuration for any given part, delivering results within minutes. This significant advancement enables faster, more accurate cost estimation processes, ensuring that manufacturers can achieve cost transparency earlier in the development cycle than ever before.

“Mido represents a leap forward in tool cost calculation technology,” said Philipp Hübner, Product-Manager for ‘mido’, at Teraport. “By automating the detection of cost drivers and simplifying the mold configuration process, we’re not only saving time but also enhancing the accuracy of our cost estimates. This is crucial in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape where speed and precision are key.”

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