You’re muted & you’re frozen #together again! Also in Magdeburg!

Under the above slogan, Lufthansa proclaims the end of the pandemic and stages on a billboard a reunion of business partners without the annoying side effects of technical problems of online meetings. Only time will tell whether one is rejoicing too soon in view of the worsening incidence figures. What is certain is that the VDI Congress on Casting Technology in Engine Construction took place as a purely attendance-based event. Although unlike usual not at the beginning of the year but only on 27.10. and 28.10. and also one noticed that fewer participants than usual were on site, the spirit of the event was all the more positive. Teraport also finally re-entered the dialogue with customers and presented the latest version of its veoCAST software for the analysis of cast constructions. “It was refreshing to have direct contact with customers again after more than a year and a half. Since the International Engine Congress in February 2020 in Baden Baden, it was the first time we had the opportunity to exchange face to face with our users and prospects. Besides some new contacts, we take home valuable knowledge about future developments in casting technology, but also a lot of motivation. It is simply something different when you chat together over a beer, something that, despite all the technical progress, cannot yet be reproduced virtually,” summarized Teraport Managing Director Raphael Heilig.