Teraport: New DMU-Toolkit release 3.3 and acquisition of software from Bytes + Lights

In the new DMU-Toolkit release 3.3, Teraport GmbH has further developed a number of the modules. Teraport’s clients stand to benefit directly from this development.
The geometry testing process, and in particular the neighbor search feature, has been completely revised. Thanks to so-called “local space maps”, the identification of proximity relationships in a digital product comprising many thousands of components can be carried out in a time span of seconds or minutes. The precision of neighbor search has also been optimized. This facilitates the achievement of results which have been improved by up to a factor of 3. This also has a direct influence on geometry testing and considerably reduces the calculation times of DMU.Check.
The further development of this tool is rounded off with a new system of rules (arbitrarily complex calculation rules which can be applied to any metadata), and the new Java API (application programming interface) which, for example, facilitates direct and easy integration into PDM systems. This allows us to respond to our clients’ requirements in an even more flexible manner.
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