DMU.View 6.0: Performance Visualisation

With DMU.View version 6.0, Teraport is introducing significant improvements in its visualisation tool. In addition to another optimisation of the visualisation performance, the Munich software manufacturer has given its module for displaying 3D components several new features. In the current release, it is now possible for the first time to manipulate possible assembly structures and then export them. As an example, the workflow “Read CATProduct & CATParts > Modify the assembly structure > Reposition individual components > Export to PLMXML & JT” is mapped. “This move reflects the desire of our customers to rework and prepare calculations in manageable tool assemblies and then export them for forwarding to an interface partner in a third format,” says CEO Raphael Heilig. In addition, the sections function has been improved. This means a much improved display is available in the volume section in the 3D view. Likewise, bidirectional measuring in the 2D section has been added. This means that measurements in the section from the 2D window can also be visualised in the 3D view. Overall, the DMU.View is also presented more structured than before. The increasing number of functions and thus buttons has made it necessary to introduce perspectives on the graphical user interface. In the visualisation view, beginners and casual users are not inundated with functions, however, there is also a place for expert functions in the analysis perspective. The great: It is also possible to create user-specific perspectives. Another new feature is the property editor. Central information and manipulation functions have been merged into each component here, which results in simple and quick usability.


The DMU.View is available in version 6.0 from 1/08/2015, as usual including interfaces for all common CAD formats.


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