Magdeburg in the focus of innovations

Engine developers and foundry experts met on May 8th and 9th for the VDI conference “Casting technology in engine construction” in Magdeburg. This was the third time that Teraport was present as a sponsor. As always, conference chairman Dr. Götz Hartmann led the audience through the difficult topics, sometimes critically, sometimes with humor, but always very skilfully. Visitors appreciate the fact that the topics of the event look beyond the horizon, i.e. not only deal with casting technology, but also evaluate general solutions for the challenges of our time. Thus, in addition to trends in engine development, the focus is always on the energy industry and current political guidelines. A presentation by the VDI Young Engineers, which dealt with the topic of how the image of engineers can be polished up and kept high in the future, also among the younger generation, also made people prick up their ears, because this is the only way to ensure the next generation of engineers. “We value the exchange with top-class experts and even if the conference in Magdeburg is certainly not the biggest, it remains one of the highest quality,” commented Teraport shareholder Raphael Heilig.