Mido impresses at the WBA annual conference in Aachen

At the end of November, the year seems almost over, but as usual, a very special highlight awaits the tool and mold making industry. The Toolmaking Academy Aachen, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Boos, is calling for the annual meeting. In addition to stimulating discussions about the future of tool and mold making, especially in the field of international competition, the “Excelence in Production” award “Toolmaking of the Year” was also on the agenda. The award ceremony took place in the historic Coronation Hall of Aachen City Hall, where emperors and kings received their insignia eons ago.

The winners can be admired on the EiP website.

The event was framed by a trade exhibition. Here, experts presented future-oriented products and solutions for all aspects of tool and mold making. And ‘mido’ the “Next Generation Tool Cost Calculation” was of course also there.

“We can draw a thoroughly positive conclusion,” said Teraport Managing Director Raphael Heilig after the event. “The WBA Annual Meeting offers a perfect platform for networking. Not only did we receive very good feedback on our mido solution, but we also gained many new impressions of the functions that such software will need in the future. Keywords such as “CO2 footprint”, big data and better standard manufacturer connection are just a few of the points that will soon be on the mido feature list.”

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Revolutionary Tool Cost Calculation Software ‘mido’ Amazes Visitors at Formnext 2023

At the heart of the Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, Teraport captivated attendees with the presentation of ‘mido’, a groundbreaking tool cost calculation software. This next-generation solution is set to transform the manufacturing industry by providing unparalleled cost transparency and efficiency in mold design.

Mido, designed to meet the sophisticated needs of both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and leading tier-one suppliers, as well as toolmakers, stands out by its capability to directly derive cost drivers from 3D CAD models. It supports all major CAD formats, making it a universally compatible solution across the manufacturing spectrum.

The software’s innovation lies in its ability to rapidly generate a valid mold configuration for any given part, delivering results within minutes. This significant advancement enables faster, more accurate cost estimation processes, ensuring that manufacturers can achieve cost transparency earlier in the development cycle than ever before.

“Mido represents a leap forward in tool cost calculation technology,” said Philipp Hübner, Product-Manager for ‘mido’, at Teraport. “By automating the detection of cost drivers and simplifying the mold configuration process, we’re not only saving time but also enhancing the accuracy of our cost estimates. This is crucial in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape where speed and precision are key.”

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mido shines at the Fakuma!

For the 28th time, Fakuma took place in Friedrichshafen from October 17-21, 2023. This time, visitors from all over the world were also able to find out about “mido”, the revolutionary solution for feature-based tool cost calculation. The Munich-based company Teraport presented the latest addition to its product family to an interested trade audience. “We are really thrilled with how good the feedback on mido has been. From tool manufacturers to Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs, interested parties confirm that our software really does address the issue of tool cost calculation in a way that has never been seen before,” says Teraport CEO Raphael Heilig.

Functions such as direct CAD integration and the simple workflow are particularly impressive. With mido, the user analyzes cost drivers directly on the 3D CAD model, defines his cavity layout and derives a valid mold configuration. The user is then shown this graphically and can find out about production, material and purchased part costs in the detailed cost breakdown. The great thing is that even non-experts can obtain meaningful analysis results thanks to the system guidelines, while experts can also make settings down to the smallest detail.


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Teraport Joins the Altair Partner Alliance

Teraport is the latest organization to join the Altair Partner Alliance, where it will offer its veoCAST software. veoCAST is a stand-alone software designed to analyze CAD parts for conformity with casting process requirements.

veoCAST enables users to quickly and easily analyze all relevant part criteria without the need for FEM casting simulation, helping detect and eliminate potential problem areas early in development. veoCAST is particularly beneficial in the CAD part development, technical purchasing, and foundries’ request for quotation (RFQ) processes. By incorporating veoCAST into their workflow, Altair customers can create optimal designs, streamline the procurement and sales processes, and bring their products to market faster and with higher quality.

veoCAST offers significant advantages to foundries, particularly in enabling quick responses to request for quotations (RFQs). It facilitates the identification of potential manufacturing problems in supplied CAD parts and the proposal of necessary modifications at an early stage. This results in more accurate quotes and technical solutions, fostering successful collaborations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Some of veoCAST’s top capabilities and benefits include:

Optimize Designs Early: With veoCAST, design engineers can quickly analyze a part’s conformity with casting process requirements, detecting potential problem areas early on and ensuring the design is optimized for manufacturing.
Streamline Supplier Selection: Technical purchasing departments can use veoCAST to build a strong understanding of the manufacturing requirements for casted parts, enabling them to make informed decisions when choosing casting part suppliers.
Accelerate the Quotation Process: Foundries can use veoCAST to quickly identify potential manufacturing problems in the supplied CAD parts and propose necessary modifications, leading to more accurate quotes and technical solutions.
Specialized Casting Analysis: Conduct specialized casting analysis like customized wall thickness analysis tailored to engineering needs, gap detection, undercut calculation, draft angle analysis, and edge curvature analysis, which aren’t available or as specialized in CAD and simulation tools.
Faster Decision-Making: Make qualified decisions based on firsthand information using features like “one-click analysis” with templates, and comprehensive reports, which accelerate the decision-making process.

“Our veoCAST technology is going to be an immense addition to Altair customers’ toolkit that will complement Altair’s existing suite of products by providing specialized capabilities and making Altair’s overall offering more comprehensive,” said Raphael Heilig, managing director, Teraport. “We look forward to being a part of the APA, which gives us access to Altair’s extensive global customer base and affords us opportunities to collaborate with other members of the APA, potentially leading to joint ventures, co-development of new technologies, and/or other mutually beneficial partnerships.”

To learn more about Teraport and its veoCAST technology, visit https://web.altair.com/2023-webinar-veocast


mido revolutionises tool cost calculation!

In June it was finally that time of year again. The Moulding Expo called to Stuttgart and the tool and mould makers came. For the first time “mido” was also present. In the constantly growing challenge of modern product development, cost transparency as early as possible is often the difference between failure and success. Looking at key technologies such as plastic injection moulding, die casting or sheet metal stamping, the costs for moulds and tools are the most important cost factor for the final price of the part. With mido, tool cost calculation becomes an easy task to master. The idea of a visually supported, rule-based tool and mould configuration in combination with the automatic detection of cost drivers on 3D CAD models was well received at the Moulding Expo. “We were really overwhelmed by the positive feedback at the fair,” summed up mido Product Manager Philipp Hübner. “We received a clear signal from tool and mould makers as well as OEMs that mido is a clear step ahead of everything the market has to offer so far. Such feedback naturally motivates us to further optimise the still young product and to develop it into the market leader”.

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Magdeburg in the focus of innovations

Engine developers and foundry experts met on May 8th and 9th for the VDI conference “Casting technology in engine construction” in Magdeburg. This was the third time that Teraport was present as a sponsor. As always, conference chairman Dr. Götz Hartmann led the audience through the difficult topics, sometimes critically, sometimes with humor, but always very skilfully. Visitors appreciate the fact that the topics of the event look beyond the horizon, i.e. not only deal with casting technology, but also evaluate general solutions for the challenges of our time. Thus, in addition to trends in engine development, the focus is always on the energy industry and current political guidelines. A presentation by the VDI Young Engineers, which dealt with the topic of how the image of engineers can be polished up and kept high in the future, also among the younger generation, also made people prick up their ears, because this is the only way to ensure the next generation of engineers. “We value the exchange with top-class experts and even if the conference in Magdeburg is certainly not the biggest, it remains one of the highest quality,” commented Teraport shareholder Raphael Heilig.

EUROGUSS expands to Mexico and veoCAST follows along!

From 28.2.2023 to 02.03.2023, a Mexican offshoot of the well-known trade fair for the foundry industry took place for the first time. EUROGUSS MEXICO attracted over 1100 trade visitors from the entire value chain to the Expo-Center in Guadalajara. As a hub with short delivery routes for the entire American continent, Mexico has developed into the fourth largest automobile producer in the world. Tesla’s decision to build another Gigafactory in the Central American country underlines the fact that this development will continue. So it comes as no surprise that Teraport Managing Director Raphael Heilig also praised the good quality of the talks after the fair: “We travelled to Mexico with uncertain expectations, but in the end we were absolutely pleasantly surprised. The fair was very well received by trade visitors and we had many interesting discussions at the highest level. We will certainly be back again in two years.” EUROGUSS MEXICO 2025 is expected to open its doors again in Guadalajara in October of the year after next.