EUROGUSS 2024: Enhanced functionality of veoCAST raises eyebrows!

The EUROGUSS 2024 trade fair in Nuremberg was a resounding success. One of the spotlights presented was veoCAST and its revolutionary enhancement to undercut detection functionality. This latest feature, which simplifies the drafting of slider concepts by adeptly detecting undercuts within undercuts and identifying optimal demoulding directions, was welcomed by experts visiting Teraport’s booth.

Dr. Stefan Wittmann, product manager for veoCAST, shared his insights: “We were overwhelmed by the positive customer feedback at the fair,” he remarked. “Especially existing customers confirmed the fast and easy way they can gain valuable insight with veoCAST and thereby save considerable time in their RFQ and development process.”

This endorsement underscores the tangible benefits that veoCAST brings to the table, highlighting its potential to boost the die casting design and validation process. The tool’s ability to provide fast, accurate, and user-friendly analysis results, aligns with the industry’s evolving needs, setting a new benchmark for design validation software.

Another highlight of the EUROGUSS was the Executives Circle Meeting. Raphael Heilig, Managing Director of Teraport stated: “We are honored to be part of this new and innovative format, which unites C-level executives of the European die cast industry in order to develop common strategies. It’s a fact that the die casting industry faces enormous challenges and overcoming these can be way more successful by benefitting from a tight network of experts. Of course, we hope to contribute our part with our best-in class software solutions.”

For more information on veoCAST and to experience the benefits of its latest features apply for a test license here:

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