Elevating Design Analysis with veoCAST Version 7.8

With the release of veoCAST 7.8, Teraport once again presents significant advances in terms of design validation in casting technology. The update provides an optimized visualization, which enables users to perform more precise geometry analyses. In addition, the newly introduced calculation of undercuts allows a more precise evaluation with regard to slider demoulding directions and non-demouldable part geometries. With this additional information, manufacturing processes can be planned more precisely. Furthermore, performance improvements allow the optimized handling of particularly large components. “We have deliberately focused on the topic of optimizing calculation speed. We are preparing ourselves for the fact that our customers want to analyze ever larger components in the course of giga-casting while maintaining the same quality and accuracy of results. In this way, we want to ensure that the time advantage and simplicity with which veoCAST generates valuable results is not restricted, even for components that are tens of times the size of conventional casting parts,” comments Managing Director Raphael Heilig on the new release. “The implemented improvements are the result of numerous discussions with our customers and illustrate our ongoing commitment to delivering solutions that are not only accurate and meaningful but also easy to use and fast. True to the veoCAST motto, a large part of the findings of a filling simulation can be delivered in a fraction of the time.”

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