Teraport DMU-Toolkit Release 5.3.2.: ADV – geometric quality assurance for everyone!

Complex products, more and more configurations, shorter cylcles of innovation – to keep up with an increasing pace in virtual product development remains a growing challenge. If it comes to geometric integration, i.e. the analysis of all parts of a product considering the proper fit of the 3D-geometry, major OEM’s in automotive and air- and space industry use automated rule based processes. Only if all possible variations and combinations of a product are analysed through an intelligent software connecting directly to the PDM system, one can ensure that everything assembles properly when hardware prototypes are built. Such a process offers lots of benefits, but also demands certain ressources. Read more

Teraport introduces release 5.2.

Last week Teraport introduced version 5.2. of its flexible software toolbox DMU-Toolkit. The lastest release offers the companies customers a broad range of new functions and enhancements. It starts with the new Pro.PathFinder and Pro.PathFreezer integrations into DMU.View Teraport’s own 3D visualization viewport. The modules well known core functionality of mounting and demounting simulation and the calculation of swept volumes can be accessed way more comfortable through the new integration workbenches. Especially for Pro.PathFinder the integration comes with a new set of functions like a favourite planning direction and the easy definition of flexible part in a calculations assembly environment.
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