Teraport DMU-Toolkit Release 5.3.2.: ADV – geometric quality assurance for everyone!

Complex products, more and more configurations, shorter cylcles of innovation – to keep up with an increasing pace in virtual product development remains a growing challenge. If it comes to geometric integration, i.e. the analysis of all parts of a product considering the proper fit of the 3D-geometry, major OEM’s in automotive and air- and space industry use automated rule based processes. Only if all possible variations and combinations of a product are analysed through an intelligent software connecting directly to the PDM system, one can ensure that everything assembles properly when hardware prototypes are built. Such a process offers lots of benefits, but also demands certain ressources.

Especially when it comes to individual customization to a certain product development environment, in the past a certain barrier had to be taken, before the full potential regarding time, cost and quality could be realized.
This has changed now!
With its release of version 5.3.2 of the DMU-Toolkit Teraport offers further improvement of its software-suite ADV – Automated Design Verification. This enables suppliers and medium sized companies to implement a complete collision and clearance checking quality process  “out of the box”. ADV includes jobdefinition, analysis software and a database oriented result management system. This allows teraport customers to manage the compliace with functional distances, fitting contact surfaces and tolerated interferences of soft parts within a digital product as efficient as never before. The key to this is the use of intelligent mechanisms like delta calculations and result inheritage over following revisions of part numbers, thus avoiding unnecessary interactive work of users. “We combined the best elements of many individual solutions we realized in the past years. Standardized interfaces to the most common CAx systems ensure a quick deployment of the process at the customers site,” concludes Raphael Heilig, managing director at Teraport. Only one of the multiple new features is a data base supported job definition, to ensure that there is a constant synchronization between data within the PDM system and the calculated product structure.
Seeking further information regarding ADV? Don’t hesitate to contact us via info(at)teraport.de!