Teraport congratulates on granting of doctorate!

There is a reason to congratulate. Mister Stefan Wittmann, member of Teraport’s software development team, has the privilege to own a doctors degree. The specialist in algorithm programming has earned the honor at the “Lehrstuhl für Konstruktionstechnik” of “Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg”.  Dr. Wittmann’s scientific research under the title of “Procedures for simulation and analysis of the effects of tolerance-related deviation of components” deals with a phenomenon that still is a major challenge in product development. To simulate the deviation of components due to complex production processes and their impact on whole assemblies, early in the development process, can help avoid high consequential costs. While existing methods concentrate on statistical interpretation of dramatically simplified models with deviations, the new developed principle focuses on the combination of complex geometrical deviations of several parts to non ideal assemblies and their analysis. “We are proud to congratulate Dr. Wittmann on this important success,” says Marcus Trommen head of software development at Teraport GmbH. “Even more, we are happy that substantial knowledge and experiences e.g. on geometrical positioning algorithms will be transferred into the technology of our DMU-Toolkit in the future.”