Technical article by Behr and Teraport: Serviceable products

Behr GmbH & Co. KG has implemented an innovative project using DMU.Planner, a module from the Teraport DMU Toolkit. The experience gained and the results achieved from this project have been published in the current edition (1-2/2009) of the CAD CAM magazine. Under the title “How serviceable is the product?”, Jochen Kraft, Manager Engineering Tools and Johannes Biedert, CAD Support Engineering at Behr, and Hermann Gaigl, Managing Director of Teraport GmbH jointly describe which results were achieved in this project.

Potential service and repair cases can already be simulated in the development phase
As a specialist company for automotive air-conditioning and engine cooling systems, and a leading original equipment manufacturer and supplier for automobiles and commercial vehicles, Behr is dependent on the development of new methods to facilitate an increase in the quality of its products at a very early stage. Owing to the increased complexity in product development, Behr already started some time ago to further develop the safeguarding of digital prototypes. With the assistance of the Teraport tool DMU.Planner, Behr can now check the so-called “serviceability” of a product parallel to construction. You can find the whole article at the category.
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The potential of this solution and the results of the jointly implemented project were also presented in the CATIA Work Group at the last Guide Share Europe (GSE) conference.