You’re muted & you’re frozen #together again! Also in Magdeburg!

Under the above slogan, Lufthansa proclaims the end of the pandemic and stages on a billboard a reunion of business partners without the annoying side effects of technical problems of online meetings. Only time will tell whether one is rejoicing too soon in view of the worsening incidence figures. What is certain is that the VDI Congress on Casting Technology in Engine Construction took place as a purely attendance-based event. Although unlike usual not at the beginning of the year but only on 27.10. and 28.10. and also one noticed that fewer participants than usual were on site, the spirit of the event was all the more positive. Teraport also finally re-entered the dialogue with customers and presented the latest version of its veoCAST software for the analysis of cast constructions. “It was refreshing to have direct contact with customers again after more than a year and a half. Since the International Engine Congress in February 2020 in Baden Baden, it was the first time we had the opportunity to exchange face to face with our users and prospects. Besides some new contacts, we take home valuable knowledge about future developments in casting technology, but also a lot of motivation. It is simply something different when you chat together over a beer, something that, despite all the technical progress, cannot yet be reproduced virtually,” summarized Teraport Managing Director Raphael Heilig.

Euroguss Mexico 2021 : virtual exchange with experts

Opulent stands, give-aways and trade fair parties – you looked in vain for all that at Euroguss Mexico 2021. But it did take place. From 4 to 18 May, in purely virtual form. Exhibitors and visitors were able to exchange information and network with each other on a specially designed platform. Roland Weigert, Vice Minister in the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, emphasised the importance of Mexico for the Bavarian economy in his welcoming speech: “Mexico is our most important trading partner in Latin America and an important production location for the Bavarian automotive industry. Two of our largest OEMs, Audi and BMW are located here.” Teraport GmbH presented its veoCAST software at Euroguss Mexico, for the analytical validation of 3D CAD parts regarding requirements from the foundry production process.

During the trade fair, Teraport invited visitors to an interesting exchange with Bosch and Bocar Germany on the areas of application and potential of veoCAST in the development, purchasing and sales of castings. According to Dr. David Joop, veoCAST would allow the company to start generating results for their castings one and a half year earlier and Mr. Christoph Demmin emphasised the additional functionalities of veoCAST that one does not typically get from simulation software. Compared to classical software for FEM simulation, veoCAST offers significant added value in terms of quality and time, especially due to its simplicity and speed.

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veoCAST continues to evolve with new features!

Teraport’s veoCAST software for a simple and fast validation of designs in casting and manufacturing technology gains a few more functions. The latest version optimises collaboration between different departments and data exchange with suppliers and customers. A single “veo” file now allows direct access to all detailed results including generated 3D analysis geometries. The implemented template management also allows users to define uniform specifications and filter settings for the analyses depending on the application area, ensuring comparability of the results for the different departments. “Our users develop standardised processes with the help of veoCAST, which are firmly anchored in the release procedures,” veoCAST product manager Stefan Wittmann is pleased to say. “Another feature that is very well received is the Customised Report. With this, the analysis reports can now also be tailored specifically to the requirements of the different areas of application. ” The new version 7.4. is now available for all veoCAST customers.

Still alive!

The combustion engine a model of the past? This was the central question at the 7th International Engine Congress in Baden Baden on 18th and 19th February, organised by ATZ and VDI. The answer to this question is given by the engine experts at least with an optimistic “not yet”. This is because in the medium-term transition to emission-free driving, the classic drive cannot yet be replaced, at least not fast enough. Many representatives pleaded for an investment in synthetic fuels. If the energy sources were produced in regions with the appropriate degree of efficiency for green power generation (wind, sun), it would be possible to achieve efficiencies similar to those of battery-powered vehicles, while CO2 neutral, with low emission and above all applicable to all vehicles on the road today. Cpomparting the discussions of this exciting environment, Teraport also presented its veoCAST software solution for securing the design process of CAD cast components. “We are extremely satisfied with the interesting dialogues we were able to conduct and the new contacts we made. The interest of the visitors in optimising the development process of cast constructions regardless of the drive technology was high. Especially in an environment full of challenges, good ideas and a fruitful exchange of ideas arise”, summarized Dr. Stefan Wittmann, project manager of veoCAST.

Positive resume of EUROGUSS 2020

From Jan 14th till 16th 2020 Nurnberg Messe invited to visit EUROGUSS 2020. Teraport GmbH for the first time this year joined the 754 exhibitors. Y just like most of them and the experts visiting the trade fair the software vendor from Munich draws a positive conclusion. “We were pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors and their positive feedback,” said Teraport director and owner Raphael Heilig. “With our software veoCAST we address users in the field of die cast processes so for sure the EUROGUSS is the fitting fair for us. But while in the past mostly OEM’s and tier-1-suppliers where among ours customers, we were intensifying the contact to the foundries here.” veoCAST is a tool to analyse 3D-CAD parts regarding the requirements emerging from die casting as a manufacturing technology. While e.g. the manufacturers of gears and motors use the tool for quality assurance at milestones of their construction departments, piece by piece a new field of use emerges. “Intensive exchange with technical sales personal shows us, that veoCAST is of excellent use during the RFQ-process. Other than complex FEM-simulation it is super fast and easy to use while already providing a vast insight,” Heilig explains further. “We hope to expand our client base in this area in the future. Overall we generated a large number of new contacts and plan to visit international versions of the EUROGUSS for example in Mexico or China.”

Conference on casting technology and electric mobility

Casting technology is widely used in the production of conventional combustion engines. However, at a VDI conference in Bremen last week, OEMs, suppliers and foundrymen discussed the new applications and requirements that the industry has to deal with in terms of e-mobility. Teraport took the opportunity to present the latest version 7.0 of its veoCAST software: “We came to Bremen with subdued expectations at first. The topic is new and the circle of participants is certainly not as large as in the area of cylinder heads and transmission housings. We were therefore all the more positively surprised by the interesting and detailed exchange on site”, summarizes Teraport shareholder and managing director Raphael Heilig with satisfaction. “With regard to the Teraport software for quality assurance of cast components, it was observed that the tool is becoming interesting for more and more areas outside the design departments. “We started with veoCAST in order to provide designers of cast components with a quick and easy tool for checking their development. Now we are noticing that more and more buyers, technical sales people and project managers in foundries are requesting it. Wherever a cast design has to be evaluated in terms of manufacturability within a short period of time, for example for a quotation, veoCAST shows its strengths”.

veoCast 6.4.: Superior wall thickness analysis

Version 6.4. of Teraport’s design for manufacturing solution veoCast, which was released just recently, sets new standards regarding wall thickness analysis . The new feature colormap for analysing part thickness (depth-scopes) makes use of the widely approved sphere algorithm. But in addition to other market solutions Teraport checks for wall-thicknesses using that sphere not only in normal direction to the part surface. An advanced mechanism asures, that also on difficult parts of CAD-models the relevant and correct distance is measured and highlighted. The following video gives a detailed overview:

Video on veoCAST 6.4. wall-thickness

Licensing with Flexera FlexNet Publisher

Starting with version 6.2, which has been available since the end of 2015, all software modules from the Teraport Portfolio will be licensed with the FlexNet Publisher from Flexera. Whilst Teraport has been on a separate mechanism up to now, the de facto standard of the CAx industry is now available, with various benefits to the customer. Previously, a separate infrastructure was required to license servers. Now the software made by the Munich-based software manufacturer depends on a mostly already existing Flexera server, which provides all monitoring and statistics options. But licensing is easy and comes at no extra costs to customers who are not yet running a Flexera licence server. It is easy to set up and operate the server infrastructure, and CPU-bound single licences can additionally be used at any point.

veoCAST: check 3D part-geometry for effective manufacturing

In early October, Teraport GmbH in Munich introduced its latest product with veoCAST. The workbench allows 3D parts to be checked to see whether they meet the requirements of casting processes in the final stages of development. Driven by the idea of customers who were not able to find what they wanted on the market, Teraport developed a workbench that above all offers a comprehensive range of functions. Simple interfaces and easy and fast operation. “We want to speed up hedging cycles. A CAE casting analysis provides comprehensive insight into the process, but it also takes time and requires specialists. We have taken on the task of creating a tool for designers that does not require a lot of training and delivers results directly in the shortest time. A “rapid check”, so to speak. According to the feedback from our pilot customers, we were very successful,” says project leader Dr. Stefan Wittmann. The first opportunity to introduce the achievements of the new software to a critical professional audience presented itself at the symposium Design for X 2005 on 7 and 8 October in Herrsching. At the event held by the Institute for Technical Product Development of the Bundeswehr University Munich and the Chair of Engineering Design at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen, Nuremberg Dr. Wittmann and Dr. Alexander Koch from the Knorr Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH jointly presented how the theoretical principles of the discipline “Design for Manufacturing” are used in a practical software tool as a joint project. This ability to customise the product development process more efficiently is now available on the broad market with veoCAST.

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DMU.View 6.0: Performance Visualisation

With DMU.View version 6.0, Teraport is introducing significant improvements in its visualisation tool. In addition to another optimisation of the visualisation performance, the Munich software manufacturer has given its module for displaying 3D components several new features. In the current release, it is now possible for the first time to manipulate possible assembly structures and then export them. As an example, the workflow “Read CATProduct & CATParts > Modify the assembly structure > Reposition individual components > Export to PLMXML & JT” is mapped. “This move reflects the desire of our customers to rework and prepare calculations in manageable tool assemblies and then export them for forwarding to an interface partner in a third format,” says CEO Raphael Heilig. In addition, the sections function has been improved. This means a much improved display is available in the volume section in the 3D view. Likewise, bidirectional measuring in the 2D section has been added. This means that measurements in the section from the 2D window can also be visualised in the 3D view. Overall, the DMU.View is also presented more structured than before. The increasing number of functions and thus buttons has made it necessary to introduce perspectives on the graphical user interface. In the visualisation view, beginners and casual users are not inundated with functions, however, there is also a place for expert functions in the analysis perspective. The great: It is also possible to create user-specific perspectives. Another new feature is the property editor. Central information and manipulation functions have been merged into each component here, which results in simple and quick usability.


The DMU.View is available in version 6.0 from 1/08/2015, as usual including interfaces for all common CAD formats.


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